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What is the difference between trifocal and progressive glasses?

I know they allows the wearer to see clearly at Distant, Intermediate and Close ranges. But what is the difference between them?
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  • elizabethandzoe


    Trifocals are becoming rarer as more people choose to wear progressive lenses. Cuz there will be image leap if you change from one zone to another with trifocal glasses.
  • Jaime


    Trifocals lenses have 3 regions to correct for distance, intermediate , and near vision. While progressive lenses gradually increase the power from distant to near without visible line between the lens regions. In fact, the result of progressive Vs trifocal lenses can reveal much great difference between the two. They are totally different in solving eye problems and other compilations in common glasses. The former one can also provide great comfort to wearers at any time with great vision clarity, whereas the later has some shortcomings.