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Logan hall


Do expensive eyeglasses always last longer?

Many people spend a lot on a pair of glasses, is it true that the more you spend, the longer they last?
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  • Mya harris


    Though most of people believe " you get what you pay for", they are not always true in the market. Unless you are get really quality eyeglasses, it will last longer. But not all expensive eyeglasses are made of goof quality. In the increased competition in the market, we have the chance to get some quality eyeglasses in low prices. That is to say, not all cheap glasses are bad in quality and can't last for longer. Therefore, if you look for glasses that can last longer, you shall check their quality.
  • Holly


    That's true. Expensive eyeglasses are good in quality and comfort to wear. So expensive eyeglasses often last longer than cheap eyeglasses. However, some online optical stores do have cheap eyeglasses with high quality. The eyeglasses can also be made of high-end material, such as titanium or stainless steel which are more durable that they are hard to get broken. So eyeglasses made of titanium or stainless steel will last longer. But they are a little expensive than other eyeglasses.