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Are small eyes ugly ?

Today, more and more people pursue big eyes. So, i just want to know, do your guys think people with small eyes ugly?
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  • Lauren


    Well, what I would like to say is, everybody in the globe is unique and talent and no one would replacement you. Yes, the big eyes are the favorite of some people, but the small eyes still charming! The small eyes are attraction and make people full of imagination. You know the single organ of your face is not important, but the most important is the harmony of the organs on your face together! I remember the actor of James Bond is also a small eyes guy, his eyes sparkling with the rays of wisdom and wonderful idea, I love it! The most important thing is not the size of the eyes, but the sight or insight of the eyes. Even the eyes beauty surgery is superficial in my opinion. So please be confidence with your own appearance and study or working hard to be a people of ability, no body will look down upon you as you have small eyes.
  • Michelle


    In fact, the small eyes have been with me for about 25 years. However, no people think I am not beautiful. The most important is that your the five sense organs stays harmony. Besides, you should live confidently with your small eyes. Yeah, if you really think your small eyes are not nice, you can just make your eyes bigger by making up. For example, before going outside, you can make your eyes bigger with the help from the eyeliner. Also you know small eyes always stay with single eyelid, namely, if you want to make your eyes look bigger, you can make full use of the double eyelid tape, which will let you have the double eyelid so that your eyes will look bigger. All in all, no matter what you think, you should get to know there is a kind of beauty called internal beauty.

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