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Where can i get prescription ice hockey goggles?

I want to play hockey but I wear eye glasses because i am nearsighted. My friend suggested me to use prescription ice hockey goggles. Where can i find them?
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  • Luis


    Go to an optical store to ask the eye doctor whether they have prescription ice hockey goggles offered. If they don't offer prescription ice hockey goggles, you can ask them where you can go to get them. Generally speaking, most opticians are able to know where you can get these prescription sports goggles. Or you can just have an eye exam to get your prescription from your eye doctor and then order prescription ice hockey goggles online. There are so many online optical stores offer prescription sports glasses. Just search them online.
  • jimjames


    You can go Oakley shop. Oakley is a famous brands for sports sunglasses, you may find ice hockey goggles here. And with your prescription, you can get prescription ice hockey goggles. Or you can search prescription ice hockey goggles online such as At Amazon, you are likely get the goggles at a low prices. Or you may find it at eBay, a good places selling many products.