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Do you have to get an eye exam before you get contacts if you already have your glasses prescription?

So i just got my new glasses and my mom said i could get contacts too. But i already have my prescription from my glasses and the place im going too has a copy of it. So when i go to order contacts tommorrow will i have to get an eye exam first?
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  • Jocelyn


    Of course you need to have a contact lens exam first. A regular eye exam is a little different from a contact lens exam. While both of them will check the basic condition of your eyes to see whether there are some problems. But a contact lens exam include several tests to see whether you are a good candidate for contacts or not and a measurement of the size of your eyeballs.
  • eiri_des


    I want to know whether the doctor measure the size of your eyeballs or not. I also want to know if there are other kinds of tests performed during the exam. I think maybe you may need to have some tests before getting your contacts. Why not just buy the contacts in the same place that you had your eye exam? If doctor told you that you don't need any extra exams, then you can buy contacts. If they told you that they haven't done the contact exam for you, you may need to have a contact lens exam. They will be helpful in this part. Don't worry. Just take some money with you, just in case.
  • Carlos quick


    I think you may need to have a new exam for contacts. The doctor can't transfer your glasses prescription. So you'd better take some money with you because you need to pay for it. As to contacts, I heard that all the brands are good. So choose the least expensive one can save your money. But if you have sensitive eyes and you still want to wear contacts, I suggest you to by GP contacts for they can maintain the water in our eyes and allow more oxygen into the surface of our eyes. This will reduce irritations and make you feel more comfortable. Besides, you can apply artificial tears to lubricate your eyes from time to time. Hope this helped!

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