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How do you think about horn rimmed eyeglasses?

I wear prescription glasses and i am going get a new pair soon. I was thinking about getting some new horn rimmed glasses So how do you think these glasses, cool or tacky?
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  • Mike


    Horn rimmed glasses, one typical type of vintage glasses are fashion glasses right now. Since vintage trend is still quite hot, more and more people prefer to wear horn rimmed glasses. Speaking of horn rimmed glasses; there is one sexy man we can easily remember. Our captain Depp is a big fan of horn rimmed glasses. He is often sported wearing horn rimed glasses on many occasions. his glasses make him look hotter. So, when it comes to selecting glasses, prescription horned glasses are a nice choice.
  • Matthew harris


    I know horn rimmed eyeglasses now are very popular. And it looks great on some people. Some people can get pretty look with horn rimmed glasses, some guys get a very handsome look with the glasses. Though the design of horn rimmed glasses are very plain and common, they actually look flattering on a lot of faces. If you like it, you shouldn't concern about what people will say about your glasses. If horn rimmed glasses flatter you, you will be cool wearing it. Or it maybe tacky.

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