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What kind of sunglasses does chris brown wear?

Do you know what kind of sunglasses does chris brown wear? Where can i find it? Are they expensive?
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  • Nadine


    According to the news about Chris Brown, we can see that he often wears aviator sunglasses, which is quite big and cover his whole eyes. Actually, you can find them at nearly every optical store. However, the prices for the sunglasses can vary from place to place. Generally speaking, a pair of aviator sunglasses would cost you about one hundred to two hundred dollars.
  • Mariah


    Chris Brown wears Ray-Ban sunglasses. Chris brown is a famous rapper and he is so distinctive with cool personality. This pair of cool sunglasses completely displayed his characteristic. The price of it is not so expensive. If you wanna buy it, you can surf the following website:
  • walkingrain


    It is the Louis Vuitton's Attitude style that chris brown wears for his sunglasses. They are actually expensive in the real stores. If you want to buy one, you could go to the online stores to have a search. You'd better go to the stores with good reputation, like amazon or ebay.