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Brittany green


What kind of sunglasses does soulja boy wear?

Doe you know what kind of sunglasses does soulja boy wear? Where can i find it?
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  • colourmevintage


    Soulja boy wears desiar sunglasses. As a famous rapper, sunglasses are decoration that can give us a deep impression. If you want to buy it, you can go to the entity shop. The shopping guide will give you a perfect service; you can buy it in online shopping, because it would be more convenient and cheaper. Here is the website:
  • Stephanie


    Well, as far as I know, the type of sunglasses soulja boy would like to wear is called sports sunglasses. Typically, such kind of sunglasses is specially designed for outdoor activities, and they look perfect on soulja boy. If you want to get a pair of them, there are lots of options for you at Walmart, Best Buy, and other large shops. Or you might as well get them via the Internet.
  • Kelly


    A major unsigned hip hop artist, Soulja Boy's real name is DeAndre Cortez Way. Well, he didn't tell people what brand of sunglasses he wears indeed. However, he worn his Louis Vuitton Evidence sunglasses ($675) during the BET Awards, June 2010. Typically, the sculpted and highly polished Louis Vuitton Evidence Sunglasses is the reinvention of the classic aviator sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses are making modern and fashionable. Many stars are fans of Louis Vuitton Evidence sunglasses. Gumtree is a great website that you can get real and cheap Louis Vuitton Evidence sunglasses. Good customer service and high quality always make you much comfortable and convenient.