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Have you ever bought cheap chinese glasses online?

Have you ever bought cheap chinese glasses online? Do they always come in bad quality?
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  • Larry S


    I have bought a pair of prescription signs with "made in China" They well made and in good quality that give me comfortable wearing. What's more, they are much cheaper than eyeglasses in local glasses stores. So, If you want to save money, you can go for some chinese glasses online such as But if you need prescription glasses for vision aids, you need prepare well prescription first before you search online.
  • Ethan


    chinese glasses online are offered with good quality and low prices. They are made of different materials of high quality, such as plastic, metal, titanium and more. These kinds of glasses are light, durable and convenient to carry. I ever got a pair of chinese glasses from Their service is very good. As I always worry about the quality of the glasses online, I asked many questions about the details. However, their customer service is very patient and they also help me to determine what kind of glasses will suit me fine. After I got, I found the quality is actually good and now they are still in good condition.

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