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Is there a difference between an eye exam and a contact lens eye exam?

I went in to get some glasses and contacts and the people claimed that it costs more to get a contact lens eye exam over just a normal eye exam. Is there such a thing? Is there any difference? I think I may have been scammed- need help.
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  • 04/14/2012

    The price varies from place to place .what I know In New York City is: Contact Lens exam: $125(sperical Rx) - $ 175(astigmatic Rx, gas permeable lenses , etc) Eye Exam : $75 Emergency visit : $55 VF/DFE/Fundus Photos: $20 each.
  • 04/14/2012

    yes ,it is .the contact les eye exam is an eye exam plus contact fitting which will measure the parameters of the lenses required for you. contacts have to be suited to your eye and your kind of vision it is more expensive than a normal eye exam.
  • Nicholas carter


    I just asked the same question as my friend does. You can have a look at There are many answers. According to what they say, there are some difference between an eye exam and a contact lens exam. Hope this helped!
  • Sharron Green


    A contact lens exam is expensive than an eye exam. Doctor will measure the size of your eyeballs and give you some tests. Some people want to save money, so they buy a pair of contacts without having a contact lens exam. Later they will find that there are some discomforts caused by their contacts. To some people, the contacts even get out of their eyes when they are playing because the size of the contacts doesn't fit their eyeballs. So I strongly suggest you to have a contact lens exam if you want to buy a pair of contacts. hope this helped!

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