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Is it bad to wear scratched prescription glasses?

My prescription eyeglasses are scratched. Can I still wear scratched glasses? Is it ok?
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  • crystalise34


    Once the prescription glasses were scratched, there is no way to repair even polishing. If it's not serious and has no influence to your vision, you can still wear it. However, if the damage is severe and affect its looking, you'd better change a new one immediately. The polishing will change the lenses' dioptric, do harm to your eyes. You must take care of your glasses, facial tissue rubbing and cloth wiping will not be the best choice to clean the glasses. You can softy absorb the water drops on the glasses and place it in the shade to dry after washing to prevent it from scratching.
  • Elijah leslie


    If your prescription glasses are scratched, the moulage may affect your vision through the eyeglasses. Maybe the things you see from the frame glasses are parted. If you have got used to it, you may see things a little blurry, especially the point of the moulage. Thus, you'd better change the lenses in order to protect your vision.
  • Chelsey


    Our glasses will be scratched from the time they get in use. So, it is very common that your lenses are scratched in some degree and most of our glasses are the same with yours my glasses are scratched seriously, but I still wear them. They still can make me see clearly except they are dirty. So, if your lenses are not too seriously scratched that you can not see something clearly, you can wear then absolutely. It is safe.
  • sharry


    One of the most obvious perils is that the tiniest scratch could impair if your eyeglasses are scratched,even just a tad bit,you%u2019d better buy a new one in glass shop.

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