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How to clean my sunglasses with dish soap?

There is some oil on my sunglasses. I want to clean it with a little dish soap. How to clean it with dish soap and that won't cause damages to my sunglasses? Any idea?
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  • Eliza


    There are four products you need to prepare to clear your sunglasses with dish soap, etc, sink, dish soap, sunglasses, paper towels. 1. Fill the sink with about four inches of warm water, and place two squeezes of dish soap into the water while water running. 2. Lay out two paper towels off to the side, which can help you prevent the washed sunglasses accidentally smudging. 3.Open up your sunglasses, then hold onto the sunglasses by the nose piece to wash them, using dish soap. 4.Dip your eyeglasses into the soapy water. 5.Then get your sunglasses out of the water, hold your sunglasses under running water to rinse the dish soap off of them. 6.Last, put your sunglasses on the paper towel allowing the sunglasses to air dry.
  • Bernice


    Use the dish soap to clean the glasses? We hope you use liquid soap, because the solid soap's edges will easily scratch the lenses when you wash them. The best way of wash, is to immerse your glasses into the liquid soup solution with certain density. Wait for several minutes, and then carry it out. You can softy absorb the water drops on the glasses and place it in the shade to dry after washing to prevent it from scratching. This method could make your glasses very clean with great view and no worries of scratching.
  • Olavi


    If there is some dust on your sunglasses, you may directly use the cloth or water to make it clean. However, if there is oil on it, you can squeeze a little dish soap on the lenses, then spread it with your hands and take it off. After that, use the water to clear it. At last, use the cloth to make it clean.