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What are the benefits of wearing snowboard goggles when skiing?

What are the benefits of wearing snowboard goggles when skiing compared with wearing sunglasses?
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  • Robert ja


    Snowboard goggles can provide several benefits to wearers that other sunglasses don't. In detail, snowboard goggles are designed to cover a larger area of the face and keep it seal, thus to keep face warm and keep away from cold wind and snow fragments. Besides, goggles can also protect eyes aginst branches if you are dropping through trees. Besides, the wide lenses of goggles offer a wide range of vision over sunglasses.
  • clairegriffon


    Ski goggles can keep your face warm because they cover a large area of your face and there is no space between the goggles and your face due to the seal. Besides, ski goggles can protect your eyes from being injured by branches, ice crystals and other particles. The cold wind won't get into your eyes to cause any discomfort while skiing. Ski goggles usually have a strap so that they won't fall off when you head down the mountain.

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