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What to do when smoke hits your eyes?

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  • Kaylee


    If your eyes happen to be hit by the smoke. Rinse your eyes with clean water at least once a day or more often if they burn or itch. Don't rub your eyes. You might transfer dust and ash from your hands or face to your eyes and that could scratch or irritate them. Don't forget to wash your hands regularly, especially if you wear contact lenses.Use lubricating eye drops or artificial tears to keep your eyes refreshed and help get rid of dust and particles that can irritate eyes.Keep windows and doors closed to keep the air indoors clean. Use your best judgment. If it's extremely hot outside and you don't have air conditioning, you may want to let in some outside air. Run your air conditioner. Be sure to keep the fresh air intake closed and the filter clean to prevent bringing in additional smoke. Avoid using anything that burns, like fireplaces, gas stoves and candles. Don't vacuum, since that can stir up dust already present in your home. If you believe you have an eye infection or injury, get medical attention from an eye doctor or first aid station as soon as possible.
  • Joshua?


    Firstly, you need to close your eyes if possible. Closing your eyes may not be possible depending on your surroundings. But if it is, you need to close your eyes as quickly as you held your breathe. Secondly, wash your contact or eyewear if you wear either. Your eyes will likely to be covered in tiny smoking particles.You'll need to remove them to prevent damaging your eyes. If you wear glasses, they will also be covered and sitting right over your nose. Wash them thoroughly with soap and water so you can still see out of them. Thirdly, you need to rinse your eyes. You need to use a lot of water to rinse your eyes.

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