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Are you able to see right after a corneal transplant?

If you are completely blind and then get a corneal transplant. Can you see immediately after the surgery?
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  • cat_w101


    After the surgery, you will have limited eyesight for the first 2 days as the air bubble in the front of the eye interferes with vision. Then your vision will improve day by day. You can use your eyes as normal about one week later.
  • griffin


    For the first two days after corneal transplant, you may have very poor vision. Later you may watch television, read, sew, etc. But you should avoid overusing your eyes.


    No. It usually takes a period of time to get healed. So you might not see well right after a corneal transplant. But don't worry, you vision will get improved day by day.
  • Stephanie


    You can't see well right after the surgery. You may get blurry vision in the operated eye for about 12 months after surgery. However, you vision will improve gradually as the eye begin to heal. It may take up to two years for vision in the operated eye to get healed completely.

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