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Which glue can be used to fix broken sunglasses frame?

My expensive sunglasses got snapped at the side. There is no way to replace the side as it is formed to be part of the front of the frame. I need to stick the side with glue suitable for plastics, Can anyone suggest a glue which is available here in the NZ please?
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  • Noah james


    Glue can only make them stick together for several days. I think the only thing that might work is using a micro drill to drill tiny holes on each side of the broken part and insert pieces of wire or something like that. Then once you have glued those and the join leave for a couple of days to make sure the internal glue is set then get a small piece of clear acrylic cut and sanded to fit and glue it on the inside of the side across the join to reinforce it.
  • Bob Witek


    i don't think any kind of glue can work. Plastics like that are notoriously hard to bond and the application is usually high stress. I once also tried to use superglue to fix my broken plastic lenses, and it did work for sometime, but it broke totally the next day. I had to get a new pair.
  • b1eedingthrough


    There is a special superglue for plastic. However, I think you are supposed to throw them away and buy a new pair of sunglasses which won't cost you too much. I don't like sunglasses with broken frame even if it has been fixed together.