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What is the best brand for contact lenses?

The above question is for all the brands out there. One more question. Out of the following brands, which is better: 1. Bausch and Lomb PureVision Contact Lenses 2. Acuvue Brand Contact Lenses
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  • 04/14/2012

    as for the best brand for contact lenses in all brands ,I think solotica will take the honour . it makes the most relistic look in colored contacts. Of the two options you give , I will vote for Acuvue . I have been a long user of it and don't have any unpleasant experience so far .also I recommend it to many of my friends .
  • green


    In my opinion, the bausch and lomb purevision contact lenses are the best ones. They are so thin at the design which will make you feel nothing when you wear the contact lenses. You will also find that it is durable to wear because you could wear it for many years. This brand is so famous in the world which owns the high reputation.

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