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What brand of contact lenses should I buy to lighten dark eyes?

I have brown eyes, and would like to try blue contacts. What contact lenses brand would you recommend for lightening dark eyes?
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  • 04/12/2012

    the best brand of contacts lenses is solotica , it makes the most relistic look in colored contacts, but it is hard to get it in USA since it locates in Brazil and also expensive . For other brands ,I will suggest Freshlook which own the widest users . it can also offer free trials and you can have a try to apply one .
  • etje


    I don't think you are suitable to wear the blue contact lenses which will not cover your original brown color. If you want to buy the colored contact lenses, you'd better choose the brands like bausch&Lomb which will be excellent at the quality that you can use at ease. In addition, their wearing is comfortable.