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Caleb murphy


What kind of sunglasses are good for cycling?

I ever tried normal sunglasses for cycling. But the sunglasses can't protect my eyes and the wind go straight in my eyes, which make me uncomfortable. Any suggestions on sunglasses for cycling?
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  • Andrea warren


    You will find that many brands make sunglasses for cycling. Some of them are wrap-around sunglasses, but the more traditional ones for cycling are the sunglasses with interchangable lenses. You can try Oakley and Rudy Project which offer you sunglasses for cycling with high quality.
  • emo_pain_818


    Wrap around sunglasses are good for cycling because they can prevent debris and wind getting into your eyes to cause damage to your eyes. Sunglasses that have air holes at the top of the frame can prevent your glasses from fogging up while cycling and your sunglasses should be polarized to reduce glare. So when you go to choose sunglasses for cycling, you should consider the above things.

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