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Kimberly Y


How much do prescription sunglasses usually cost?

Ive been thinking of getting some prescription sunglasses for a while, and now that its summer, i wanna be wearing sunglasses, only problem is that i use prescription eyeglasses, i used transition glasses, and i just hate them. So, around how much do prescription sunglasses usually go for? Im not looking for an exact price, just an estimate. I dont want high end Dolce Gabana glasses, just something simple. Im in California, if it helps.
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  • Sean


    It varies on different factors. Many lens options such as high density, UV coating, transition, and other package options can drive up the cost of a lens dramatically. If you just want a pair of ordinary prescription sunglasses, you can get it under $100 easily. If you want designer sunglasses, it can be as expensive as you can imagine.
  • walkinginlight


    It varies tremendously and it pays to shop around. I buy mine online at firmoo with only $45, you won't get much cheaper, and the quality is the same as the expensive ones.