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Is prk surgery dangerous?

Do you know prk surgery? Is it dangerous? Is it painful? Is there any side effect?
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  • Logan hall


    Many people now take the prk surgery to help them get the right vision. It is not dangerous. In a word, it is safe and effective which may use the high technology of science. You will feel no pain during the surgery because of the use of the anesthetic. With excimer laser corneal flap based on the matrix of phototropism cutting, the prk surgery thereby reduces the pupil corneal curvature to get the purpose of correction myopia. However, there are the requirements for taking this prk surgery. Before the surgery, you'd better go to check the eyes fully to whether you could take the surgery. And if you don't take good care of the eyes, you may get the side effect which may get your vision come back to the original state. You'd better care for your eyes.
  • Caitlin owen


    Every coin has two sides, though PRK surgery can help improve vision, it is also risks. If you plan to take PRK surgery, you need know that you are in the risks of infection, dry eyes,pain, light sensitive, corneal haze and even loss of best-corrected vision etc. Though these may not happen to you, but it is possible to you if you take PRK surgery.
  • Elijah leslie


    Nope, PRK is a safe and effective procedure, however, there are possible complications as with all surgical procedures. Since the epithelium of the cornea is removed during the procedure, the recovery time is longer than with LASIK surgery. The corneal epithelium has to have time to grow back. During this healing time, there will probably be pain in the eye. There is always a risk of over- or under-correction, which might require further surgery to correct. There is also a small risk of infection or scarring of the cornea; some patients may notice glare at night. Finally, it can take a few months for the vision to stabilize and reach maximal improvement.


    Well, prk surgery is used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism by removing surface cells of the cornea. As we know that PRK eye surgery is a type of surgery that requires removal of some surface cells within the cornea without blades and may be more painful than traditional laser surgery. But on the other hand, by having this surgery, you will the free to see without glasses or contacts. And the Advances in technology have made this surgery very safe, you should not worry about it. But you also should know that all surgery involves some risks such as infection, bleeding. Since the eyes after surgery are very sensitive and fragile, you should take some measures to avoid the infection. For example, you should avoid eye injuries by wearing a protective shield at night and with naps until you are advised by your doctor. Also, you should remember not sleep on the side of the operated eye for the first night.

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