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Kaylee tuener


How to protect your eyes from the environment?

How to protect my eyes in different environment? Do you have any good suggestions?
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  • eddy


    Well, I think sunglasses are useful to most of us. And we'd better choose those sunglasses with 100% UV coating. Because this kind of sunglasses can protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays and further prevent the developing of cataract or macular degeneration. Children are easy to get damages because their eyes are at a higher risk of being damaged by UV rays than adults. So a pair of sunglasses is especially important to them.
  • walkingalone123


    There are many different ways to keep your eyes safe and healthy. The most important thing is to avoid eye injuries from morning to night. It is said that 90% eye injuries can be prevented in our daily lives. We just need to be careful and turn to an eyewear when we are playing games.
  • crystaljade


    If you are a worker that always works in dangerous situations, you need to protect your eyes with a pair of special glasses. This kind of glasses can protect your eyes from possible dangers. Once I saw a kind of helmet that is heavier than other kind of helmets while they are designed to protect our eyes. But only the workers can have it.
  • Kevin lee


    To those who have seasonal allergies, I think the best way is to avoid touching these allergens. Sometimes even dust particles can bother our eyes and make our eyes watery and swollen. But I heard that these people can eat local honey daily to build up immunity. Then they will not allergic to these allergens anymore. But this will take a long time to form the immunity. You must be patient. Good luck!

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