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Cristi Pie


I would like to find out how soon after cataract surgery I can resume spinning and pilates exercises

I would like to find out how soon after cataract surgery I can resume spinning and pilates exercises
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  • rommel abad


    During the first week, you should cover your eyes with sunglasses or an eye shield all the time. This can help protect your eyes from being rubbed or bumped, because a small amount of pressure can open the incision. Besides, doctor may recommend you to refrain from lifting more than 10 pounds, bending with the head below the waist and straining to the point of holding one's breath, because these activities can increase the pressure inside your eyes and can open the incision too. I found this on afb. hope this helped.
  • David


    What is pilates exercise? Mmm... I think maybe it is a kind of intense exercise. Dude, I suggest you to resume your sports activities after your eyes are totally recovered, because any kind of small pressure on your eyes will lead to blooding. The incision will open if it is not totally recovered. I hope you can consider this so put off resuming your exercise is good for your eyes at this time. Good luck!
  • walkthewalk46


    I don't know. I think it depends. To some people, they can see very well after cataract surgery. But other patients can see well a few days or even a full month later after cataract surgery. During the first week after cataract surgery, I suggest you to cover your eyes all the time. This is good for the recovery. This means that you can't resume spinning or other exercises in the first week.
  • walkinawayfromu


    I think you can resume spinning and pilates exercises after a month later which totally depends on the condition of your eye health. Usually you may need to check your eyes a few weeks after the surgery. You can get a final prescription which will tell you whether you need glasses or not. And the doctor can tell you whether you are allowed to do some intense exercise or not. Good luck!

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