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Wearing glasses too much can damage your eyes?

Hey guys, haha so I'm going to get straight to the point. I don't need glasses. My friend lets me walk around with her glasses between school period because they look good on me and they are seriously a chick magnet. Kind of ironic. But I've heard wearing them too much without a prescription can cause pretty bad eye damage? is it true? Should I stop? I'm hearing yes and no so I want to make sure which one is right.
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  • Melissa duncan


    You should not wear someone else's glasses! They are made for her, and your eyes do not need them. It could damage your eyes. If you want some glasses that will not hurt your eyes at all, go to a place like Walmart where they have inexpensive frames. Pick out some that look good on you and have them put just plain glass in them. That will not harm your eyes at all, and you will have the look you want!
  • Michelle


    No, it will not. However, if you have a good vision, here I kindly suggest you not to wear eyeglasses even though the fashion clear eyeglasses. Since I have a good vision, when I wear fashion eyeglasses, I feel headache. I think there is no really clear lenses and the clear lenses sometimes have low prescription. Hope this helpful.