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Is it possible that my myopia is recurring?

I have gone through a lasik surgery about 5 years ago. I realised that recently my eye sight is not as clear as a year ago. Is it possible that my myopia is recurring ? Is it possible for me to undergo another lasik operation Any risks related to the 2nd lasik operation?
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  • copyofme


    It is possible that your myopia has regressed. It is also possible for your to undergo Lasik surgery provided that there is enough cornea tissue. The risk associated with the second Lasik op is very much like the first surgery.
  • Rebecca


    This is unlikely to happen as Lasik candidates should be past the age of 18 years with stable myopia. However, patients should still take good care of their eyes, especially in limiting excessive near vision work. Should further myopia progression occur, they are likely to be of small magnitudes. Low power spectacles or contact lenses can still be prescribed if required. Alternatively, a second "enhancement" Lasik may be considered but your doctor's advice on this should be sought first.
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