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What are crohn's disease effects on eyes?

Can crohn's disease affect eyes? If so, what are crohn's disease effects on eyes?
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  • Melissa garcia


    Yes, crohn's disease can affect eyes. With crohn's disease, people would have higher rates of inflammation in the eye, which could result in eye redness or pain. When the clear covering of your eye is inflamed, you could suffer from pink eyes or conjunctivitis. When the inflammation is in the outermost layer of the white of your eye, you may suffer from the so-called episcleritis.
  • Alexandria taylor


    Yes, the crohn's disease which is the digestive system disease will affect the eyes normal work. When you get the problems in the digestion in the body, your eyes may feel dry at the same time. You could even feel the dizzy symptom at the sight because of the crohn's disease. You'd better take the medical care to cure the disease.
  • Riley eddy


    Well, yes it can lead to many problems, including eye problems too. For example, it can just cause inflammation of the interior portion of the eye, which is known as uveitis. In that situation, it can cause eye pain, especially when exposed to light. In other words, photophobia can occur. Also, you should know that inflammation may also involve the white part of the eye, which can lead to loss of vision. By the way, the most common symptoms are seizures, stroke, myopathy, peripheral neuropathy, headache and depression. so you should try some ways to treat it.

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