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How to make hazel eyes look brighter?

I have hazel eyes. Is there any ideas for me? I want to make my eyes look brighter. Is there any idea for me?
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  • walksonthabeach


    If you want to make your original hazel eyes look brighter, you could wear the contact lenses with no prescription for the look. After you wear the colored contact lenses, your eyes will look big and bright which will show the charming character. You could have a try. In addition, you could change your color of eyes too.
  • croatia_diary


    Well, it is so good for you to have got hazel eyes because as you can see a lot of people fancy those kind of eyes for they are really charming with girls you know? Anyway, if you want to make your eyes brighter, you could try to apply some eye makeups to your eyes, or you could just wear some colored contact lenses which could give you desired effects, but you should be careful of them. Hope you find what you want. Anyway, hazel eyes are just amazing.

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