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What is the best brand of sun glasses?

What is an excellent brand of sun glasses that have sunscreen??And that is not?outrageously expensive?
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  • 04/12/2012

    I think Ray ban are super stylish and beautiful. Other brands considerable goggles (ralph lauren, armani, valentino ...) are good. what differs are the frames, then depends on individual taste (colors, materials, formats ...)
  • Jocelyn david


    Well, I believe that you are not very familiar with sunglasses, so as you can see, there are so many different brands that sell and produce sunglasses of different types. However, who stands out from the crowd? Also a lot, but here I would like to recommend, that is Ray Ban, which has got a long history of making sunglasses of top quality and they have got a rather high reputation in the sunglasses industry. Of course their price is high, along with Gucci, LV, and Armani.
  • Saarah


    Best brand? I think there are many good brands in the world. How about Gucci? Do you like this brand? Their products are very elegant and beautiful. My friend bought a pair of sunglasses from the physical shop. But the sunglasses of this brand are also very expensive. Now I can't afford a pair of this kind of sunglasses. But I think I can afford them in future because I will earn more.
  • Erin


    Different brand sunglasses have their own characteristics. I can't tell you which brand is the best brand. But if you would like to spend more money on a pair of sunglasses, you can buy a pair of better sunglasses. Compared with the regular sunglasses, they may have elegant design and manufacturer. They can provide your eyes with better protection if they are with 100% UVA protection. If they are a pair of polarized sunglasses, they can filter glare for you and make your eyes feel more comfortable. Maybe they are of the latest style too.

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