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Brian Clem


Can eating fish protect your eyes from getting worse?

I have a good friend with perfect vision in his 40s.I once asked him how he made it,he told me that he ate a lot of fish when he was young. Is it true that eating fish protect your eyes from getting worse?
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  • comingoutloud


    Eating moderate amounts of fish , like once a week, can prevent macular degeneration which is age-related. Macula is in the central part of the retina which is reponsible for central vision. If macula is destroyed, it will cause vision loss. In the USA, macular degeneration is the leading cause that people get vision loss.
  • Linda


    I think it is true,especially the fish eyes are good to your eyes.I can't find the scientific reason,but for my own experience,I eat fish a lot when I was young and I have perfect vision now.
  • bell


    Eating fish can prevent the degeneration of macular retina which is the main reason of causing blindness.But it doesn't mean that the more fish you eat,the better for your eyes.