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What the result can be if someone with good vision wear prescription glasses?

Would his vision get worse too and finally need glasses?
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  • walfor


    Long time wearing prescription glasses for one who have perfect vision would finally make vision become worse and need glasses forever. For people wearing non-prescription glasses, please make sure there is no prescription on your lenses. If you get a headache, sore eyes, and/or blurry vision while you are wearing them, take them to be checked at the optical stores.
  • Trinity hill


    If he sometimes wears prescription glasses, his vision won't get worse. However, he may get headache and blurry vision if he wear prescription glasses with good vision. If he wears prescription glasses all the time, then his vision will become worse later.
  • Katelyn owen


    Why do you wear rx glasses if you have good vision? If you really want to wear glasses, fashion glasses or non prescription glasses will be ok.
  • EDGAR Schneider


    There will be headache, sore eyes, or blurry vision if the prescription is strong.
  • bell


    I once wore my friend's prescription glasses (he is -5.00 in both eyes) and I feel a big dizziness and can't see things clear.I think if you wear the prescription glasses which you don't need for a long time,your vision would surely get worse and finally end up with wearing glasses.

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