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How long does it take for a black eye to appear?

I got a black eyes. How long does will my eyes recover? I don't want to my mom see my black eyes.
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  • Brittany


    Usually it will take one or two weeks for your recovery from black eye. This kind of black eye is caused by the congestion of eyes blood after fighting. Your eyes really hurt! The way to heal it is apply some anti-inflammatory salve or go to a doctor. Besides, as for you want it’s held back from your parents, there’s another way to help and cure it soon. You must find some ice cakes which wrapped by a cloth, apply it onto your eyelids for more than 3min. Then, apply a warm towel onto your eyelids for several minutes after that. It would be shuttled with each for several times. The blood vessel on your eyelids will be expanded with heat and contracted with cold; it will improve the circulation and metabolism of your eyes. The black eye will be recovered soon with this method.
  • Jose joyce


    You black eyes must be heated and knocked directly on the eyes. If you keep on using the medicine to release the symptom and adopt the paste to make it feel better, you can get recovery at least after a week. However, during this time, you should get ride of the spicy food and not drink and smoke. Wish you get recovery soon.
  • Ariana


    Yes, that's true. An eye twitch does not usually indicate a serious problem, but certain factors may contribute to the condition. A deficiency of potassium could cause eye twitching as well. Due to potassium helps transmit information to your body, and it could benefit to reduce blood pressure. If you do not intake enough potassium daily, it could result in symptoms, such as muscle weakness to cause eye twitching. However, if your eye twitching last more than two week, you have better inform your eye doctor.