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Why does it feel like i got punched in the eye?

After hard work, i feel very discomfort of my eyes. It makes me feel like i got punched in the eye. Why? What caused that?
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  • Joseph campbell


    That because of the fatigue of eyes, it will get dry eye, tears, eye swollen, sore eye or blur vision symptom later if you not pay attention to this situation. This is just because long time uses of the eyes to computer working while the screenshot are too dazzling to your eyes, it hurt the visual purple to makes color cast and hurt the visual pigments. You'd better take care of your eyes, relax your eyes every 20 minutes when you work and make sure the computer in modest rays' condition. You know long time eye use will cause vision problems such as myopia, glaucoma, cataract etc. In order to protect your eyes from the disease, please doing the follows. Moisten your eyes with eye blinking.The blinking itself is the good way of self-protection of your eyes. If you work in a room with air conditioner, please prepare a cup of water near your desk to increase ambient humidity. Take eyes massage after long time's working. Make sure the nutrients of your eyes needs. Eyes drop and periodic physical examination will also help with the healthy care of your eyes.


    if you felt there is something in your eyes and the thing is seemed in motion, that suggest you eyes are too tired to continue working. So you must pay attention to the eye health. Form the good habit -look out for 5-10 minutes every 2 hours. If you have to use eye for a long time, you must buy some health care medicine at first. (but it is not a good way). the most important thing is to let your eyes have a good rest, otherwise you may easily to suffer from conjunctivitis and other diseases.
  • Nathan harris


    Well, I am so sorry to hear that you have got stressed eyes. As a matter of fact, there are nothing serious with your eyes. Maybe it is just because you have been over working recently which might have given rise to an eye strain to you. Since our eyes cannot stand long time use you know? So, what you need to do is to take enough time off to rest and refresh your eyes. Just pay more attention to them and everything is ok.