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Does glaucoma cause watery eyes?

Can glaucoma cause watery eyes? I want to know more about watery eyes. What are the side effects on eyes from glaucoma?
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  • Karen


    Watery eyes cannot only be caused by glaucoma, it also has many factors that we can summarize throw many studies. Photophobia and blepharatis are two common causes of watery eyes, especially photopobia. Photophobia means people who are afraid of light and sensitive to light. When you see sunshine and strong light, tears run from eyes quickly. Glaucoma can cause eye pain, cloudy cornea, visual field loss optic discharges. So when you find you are possible to get glaucoma, please see a doctor to determine the proper treatment option for you as soon as possible.
  • walkingalone_


    As we all know, glaucoma tends to refer to a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve( in the back of eye), which carries information from the eye to the brain. You will lose your vision if the nerve is damaged. Multiple but classical complications of glaucoma may be headaches, blurred vision, eye aches or pain , halos around lights, watering eyes and loss of vision. It is worth mentioning that at the first sign of trouble, there are no symptoms of glaucoma unless the disease envolves into a malignant disease. Well, it is really boring to have too many tears or excessive tearing. In general, watery eyes can be signals of a more serious problem in our eyes or even, our body. On safe side, you need to go to see a optician and to see if it is actually caused by glaucoma.
  • Alexia charles


    Yes, but only congenital glaucoma cause watery eyes. The patients who are born with glaucoma are likely to have watery eyes. Side effects of different glaucomas include blurred vision, peripheral vision loss, sensitivity to light, watery eyes, colored halo around lights, eye redness, nausea and vomiting, or even severe eye pain.