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Why do my eyes ache at night ?

In recent days, I suffers from eye ache every night before i go to bed. Why? Is there anything i can do to help my eyes?
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  • Luke


    You may have a tired day I think so. Fatigue and tiredness in eyes are easy to increase pressure in eyes. When you go to bed at night, the pressure will decreases gradually. During this period, your eyes will adapt such condition.Then ache is hard to be avoided. Every night before you wanna asleep, you can massage temple to relieve your nerves around eyes. And drink some honey water to take some miners supplements to your eyes. Also, you can apply eye mask to supply water to your eyes.
  • etilnus


    You must have dry eyes. To make you feel better, you need to follow the instructions below: 1. Massage your eyes every day to increase tears lubricants. 2. Apply hot compress to your eyes every day. 3. Get yourself artificial teardrops every now and then to lubricate your eyes. 4. Blink your eyes more frequently. 5. Have enough sleep When you feel real uncomfortable and all the home care don't work, you need to go to see a doctor.
  • Jada oliver


    Well, it tells that you really need to get plenty of rest. I assume that you may suffer eye fatigue. Eye fatigue, sometimes may along with headaches may be caused by being highly concentrated on something at work or at home, especially staring at the computer screen all day. As a result, when you close your eyes, your eyes feel burning before you go to bed because of eye dryness, which is attributed to the inefficient tears production. What is more, some of foreign stuff can not be irritated when they enter into your eyes. So it is necessary to look at the mirror carefully to see if there is any thing in your eyes. Then really roll your eyes to see if there anything comes out of your eyes. Besides, you can apply a wash cloth with some warm water (cool the boiled water) to your eyes. Also, if it does not get better in two hours, do not hesitate to see your doctor. By the way, apart from eye fatigue reasons, when you read a book with the watch time keeping, and then you feel eye pain, you should be careful in glaucoma and the possibility of recurrent corneal erosion.