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What type of sunglasses should I get for a round face?

I am going to buy a pair of sunglasses,but I have a round face.What style should I get?
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    I think the square frames would be good for you.generally you should choose sunglasses contrary to your face shape.
  • smith


    Since you have a round face, angular narrow eyeglass frames will lengthen your face, so try sunglasses with a rectangular shape or a square shape, which will suit your face shape best.
  • Adam


    Round face are suitable for frames with oval, rectangular, or square shape (but prevent small, round glasses). But you can try some on in the brick and mortar stores to see if other styles of frames is suitable.
  • Caleb murphy


    oval sunglasses are not a bad choice because they work well on your small round face. But sometimes, you will probably find it too ordinary because everybody with a round face around you wears such sunglasses and you cannot be distinguished from them. So it is up to you to make a change when you discern that scene.

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