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Are computer glasses the same as reading glasses?

Are computer glasses the same as reading glasses if not is there one type of glasses that enables you to do both.
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  • Edward White


    No, they are not the same. Reading glasses are prescribed to correct near vision only and are usually needed for people over 40 who have presbyopia. The distance for computer glasses usually are positioned 20 to 26 inches from the user's eyes. This special distance is closer than driving ("distance") vision, but farther away than reading ("near") vision.
  • John Rodriguez


    Computer glasses are different from reading glasses. Computer glasses are designed to protect our eyes from the reflection and glare of computer screens. We know that computer users often suffer from blurred vision, eye strain, or headaches in the end. We call these syndromes as computer vision syndromes. computer users can wear the computer glasses to make their eyes feel more comfortable and reduce eye strain. While reading glasses are often used by people who have presbyopia. presbyopia is a kind of vision problem. People who have presbyopia can't see the things in the nearby clearly. So they need a pair of glasses to help correct their vision problem.
  • 04/12/2012

    No.They are not the same.Computer glasses aim to adjust your vision for the distance to a computer while the reading glasses for a book disance.I haven’t heard of ones can do both.
  • Connor scott


    Absolutely no, computer glasses are for people use computer often, to keep the computer radiation and avoid the vision problem. While reading glasses are for old people, when people is over 40 years old and have presbyopia , they will need reading glasses. Reading glasses make sure that they can read all the words.
  • walker


    Dear friend, you'd better not confuse computer glasses with reading glasses. I think they are definitely designed to satisfy different people. They have different functions. Your reading glasses may not work very well if you use them to view your computer screen because reading text on a computer screen is done at a far range than reading printed matter.
  • Josh


    Dear friend, if you want to buy a pair of eyeglasses which can work as computer glasses and reading glasses, you can buy a pair of bifocal glasses. I heard that bifocal glasses can work for different purposes for they can provide people with two different focal lengths. And then you can ask the optician to coat your lenses with anti-reflection covers. But usually bifocal glasses are more expensive than common eyeglasses. Hoped this helped!
  • Zoe Wang


    No, they are not the same. Computer glasses are sputtered with a special kind of coating which will help to protect the reflective light from the computer, any glasses that can protect our eyes from the harsh or reflective light can be called computer glasses. But reading glasses are used by presbyopia patients only. If we get reading glasses coated, it can protect the reflective light from computer screen too.
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  • Rebecca


    Not exactly. Computer glasses are mainly using for shield eyes from reflective and harsh light from computer screen. Of course, if you have poor vision, you can buy prescription computer glasses that to provide your vision aids and eye protection. And reading glasses are made for people with presbyopia. But if you often look at computer screen, you can add anti-reflective coating to protect your eyes. But theoretically, they are two different products.
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  • Fitch


    No.they are is to have special bifocals.with one part of the lens dedicated to reading the printed page and the other part customized for computer screen use. The computer glasses are designed to work at a longer distance. They also usually contain a material designed to reduce glare from the screen. One alternative to buying separate glasses for reading

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