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What kind of sunglasses are best for fishing?

I need sunglasses for fishing to protect the eyes from glare,any suggestion?
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  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    I think you can choose the regular sunglasses with high quality polarized lenses in, cuz good quality polarized lenses are designed to eliminate 99% of all reflective glare and protect against harmful U.V. rays.
  • evelyn


    polarized sunglasses are crucial while on the water to block the surface reflection so the glare does not interfere with your vision. Polarized lenses not only enable you to see the fish in the water better but also enable you to see any object that may be just under the surface of the water prior to hitting it. The ultimate fish and boating sunglass should fit well, have good side, top and bottom protection, a full field of vision, and should be polarized with UV filter in the monomer or UV coating. A back surface anti-reflective coating will even further enhance ones vision while wearing sunglasses by decreasing the amount of light reflected away from the lens. There are a lot of different colored lenses to choose. I recommend a copper or brown or yellow lens for the majority of early morning, late evening and shallows fishing. Grey lens is best for deep sea fishing or fishing in the middle of the afternoon. If it is very overcast, cloudy or foggy fishing sunglasses should have an amber, yellow or orange tint. Source:
  • Christina keith


    The polarized sunglasses are good for fishing,you can have a try.