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It is normal sunglasses give a headache?

I bought a sunglasses yesterday, when I use, is not even a headache, but I feel a discomfort. Is this normal, until I get used to the glasses, or have something wrong with it?
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  • Blanca C.


    Usually sunglasses will not lead to headaches. Sunglasses can shelter our eyes from the sun and block the harmful UV rays for our eyes. They can provide with us clear vision as well as comfort. If they really cause your headache, you'd better return your sunglasses to the eyeglasses stores. But sometimes the size of the sunglasses will cause discomfort too. If they lay great pressure on your temples, this may lead to headaches because the blood circulation is interrupted at this moment, your brain can't get enough oxygen from the blood. You'd better change the size of the sunglasses if this happens. Good luck!
  • 04/13/2012

    Since your glasses are good, what should be happening is that the frame of the glasses should be pushing your head (that area behind the ear), causing hurt. This happens to me too.
  • Allison


    No, you may get inferior sunglasses. Usually, wearing sunglasses won't cause headache or other discomfort. But inferior sunglasses may cause headache and dizziness. Wearing such sunglasses is very dangerous that may even cause damages to your eyes. So, i suggest you quit it and try other sunglasses again.
  • california_babi


    If you bought your sunglasses online, you can ask the customer service why do their sunglasses cause the headache and ask them whether you can have a refund. But I think usually they will not accept a refund. you can ask them whether their sunglasses can prevent your eyes form UV rays. Because if this pair of sunglasses can't block UV rays, they can't protect your eyes either and they may cause headaches just as you won't wear a pair of sunglasses in the outside.
  • handsdown9871


    Maybe there is something wrong with your sunglasses. Usually sunglasses will not lead to headaches. Sunglasses are designed to block UV rays and give us more comfortable vision experiences when we are in the outside. They can reduce dizziness and headaches in summer. So I think you'd better check your sunglasses to see whether they can function well in protecting your eyes. Or maybe your headaches were caused by other reasons. You can have your eyes checked to see whether you have some eye problems. Hope this helped! Good luck!
  • Zoe murphy


    Good sunglasses will not lead to headaches. But a pair of sunglasses with poor quality may definitely lead to headaches because they can't do anything to protect our eyes. It is just like we expose our bare eyes under the sunshine. And we know this will definitely lead to headaches. But if your sunglasses are of good quality, then you'd better see a doctor immediately. There are many possible reasons for headaches. The doctor can find where the problems lie in.