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Are there glasses that protect your eyes from computer screens?

I remembered there is some kind of glasses protect your eyes from the radiation/ glare/ brightness of the computer screens, what are they called?
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  • Nicholas


    They are called computer glasses which are designed to reduce the harm of computer radiation to the eye. Computer glasses not only have magic function of vision correction but more importantly, they are unique and superior in reducing the computer radiation while we are working at the computer. Computer radiation do much harm to the eye that in the beginning of radiation our eyes cannot escape the symptoms of fatigue, inflammation, lachrymation, pricking and so forth. Then after having suffered from computer radiation for long, our eyes would be stricken by conjunctivitis , keratitis , cataract , glaucoma , retinal detachment, astigmatism, color blindness , etc. If the condition deteriorate, we will lose our sight.
  • come__tomorrow


    Well, I can see that you would like to protect your eyes against the harmful lights and radiation from computer screens, so it is true that there are some special glasses that would do this and protect your eyes. And as a matter of fact, some of them are called radiation protective eyewear. You could get them at Walmart online store, they have got some in stock. But if you really want to protect your eyes, you'd better play less and take more breaks.
  • EDGAR Schneider


    It is called the computer glasses which are especially worn for people in front of the computers. The role of this kind of glass is to help your eyes from the radiation of the computers. Your eyes will be protected from the glare and brightness of the computer screen. You could find such kind of eyeglass from the online store. It is worthy to own one.