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How to find a suitable pair of swimming goggles?

I am a swimming fan, but my last swimming goggles troubles me a lot because it doesn't fit me and when I am in the water the goggles is filled in with water too.So I am planning to buy anther one, but how do I know if it fit me or not? Any advices?
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  • catgay2005


    Work on keeping a neutral facial expression. Making faces or squinting your eyes while swimming with goggles can cause your eyes to crinkle around the edges, your goggle's seal to break and water to leak in. This might take some conscious effort, especially as you start tiring during your workout, and you might unconsciously make faces as you strain to work hard.
  • etilnus


    There are four aspects you should notice when choosing swimming goggles: 1.Optical performance and medical standard.As the refractive index of water is different from that of air, if the surface of the swimming goggles is uneven it is like wearing convex lens or concave lens, which will cause damages to your eyes over time, thus affects your vision. 2.Comfort.The swimming goggles shall be designed to conform to the principles of Ergonomics. 3. Antifogging performance

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