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What colors and styles of designer glasses suit me?

What colors and types of designer glasses is suitable for me? I am a man with round face, black eyes and short black hair and my skin is light brown. Would thick frames suit me? I think it is fashionable.
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  • Alexandria giles


    If you have light brown skin ,I think Blue, pink, plum, magenta, tortoise, green, silver and black frames or lenses will look best. If your features are predominantly rounded, ie- larger forehead, curved jaw line and rounded chin and cheeks, the best eyeglasses shape for your face would be something that breaks up the softness and creates contrast. Go for square or rectangle frames and do not shy away from absurd colors and designs. The round face best suits creativity and variety, though avoid round and oval frames at all costs. source :
  • Guest


    Try it on then you will see what color and what style is suitable for you.