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Are the sunglasses can protect against sunburn?

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  • 04/12/2012

    Sunglasses, of course are useful to prevent burns to the cornea and iris.?But when you buy make sure you have UV Protection sticker bearing the stamp of the European Union, ie carrying a suitable filter, although this mandatory only if you are going to us
  • Gabriella


    Sunglasses can protect the eye and skin around eyes from sunburn. As we know, sunburn were caused by the strong light and UV rays. Wearing sunglasses shield eyes from sunshine, glares and prevent UV rays in the sun, thereby to to protect your eyes from sunburn. But if you want to protect your skin from sunburn, you may need to prepare sunscreen.
  • wesley


    The sunglasses can protect against sunburn if they are 100 percent UV blocking or at least choose those who can filter part of the UV rays for you. The skins around our eyes are very tender. The sunglasses have big lenses to cover most part of the skins around our eyes.
  • electriikheartx


    Of course sunglasses can protect against sunburn. They can block the harmful UV rays from the sun in the summer. And protect our eyes from developing cataracts or other kinds of eye disease. Besides, you may need to buy some kind of screams to protect your skin from burned by the sun too.
  • garcia


    Those sunglasses have UV coatings on their lenses can protect your eyes from being burned by the sun. I suggest you to buy those sunglasses that can protect your eyes. Maybe they are a little expensive than fake sunglasses or cheap sunglasses but they have good quality and can better protect your eyes.
  • handwithlighter


    Some kinds of sunglasses can protect your eyes from being burned by the sun. But some kinds of sunglasses can't. So before buying a pair of sunglasses, you'd better have a look of the sunglasses or ask the salesman to prove you that the sunglasses that you choose are UV protection. Some people will buy a pair of sunglasses on the street. I suggest you not to buy those kinds of sunglasses because most of these sunglasses are of lower quality. If there is something wrong with your sunglasses, you can't find the seller the next day.