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Melissa duncan


How to make your eyes look longer?

I just want to make my eyes look longer(not wider). What shall i do? Can you share with me some good idea?
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  • Katelyn


    You can try eyeliner, eyeliner can make your eyes bigger and more activity. If you want to look longer, your eyeliner can draw more longer, and this will make your eyes more longer visually. In addition, you can try to change your hair style. As we know, hair style is so important. And an appropriate hair style can give people another impression, so you can ask a professional, i believe you will get what you want.
  • James


    You idea somehow seems to be a little bit weird. And as a matter of fact, we simply could not do anything about that except you try to open your eyes as big as possible, keep the exercise and it might be useful. Or better yet, try to get some cosmetic surgery, which makes your eyes become longer or bigger. And you should protect your eyes since they are critically important.


    In order to make your eyes look bigger whatever at the length or width, you could choose to wear the contact lenses which will help you get this. There are a lot of contact lenses in the market. You could go to the online store to choose the suitable color of the contact lenses which may save you a lot of money. You could get the good quality as same as that in the real store.

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