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Does anti-glare coatings on glasses collect dust?

There are some dusts on my lenses. My lenses have anti-glare coatings. What can I do? Any good suggestions?
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  • Victor Lee


    Anti-glare coating does attract dust and make the lenses harder to clean. You can clean the lenses with an appropriate cleaning spray and micro-fibre cloth. If they are excessively dusty, you can bring them to an optical store and have them cleaned by the clerks.
  • scott thielen


    Anti reflective coating allow light to pass through the lens and provides clearer vision. It also makes it easier to see all the dust and smudges that are often hidden by the reflections on lenses without antireflective coating.
  • estranged_soul


    Sweetie, if you are working in an environment with dust, your glasses will definitely collect dust. You'd better not put your glasses on your head because this will distort the shape and collect some grease then they are easy to collect dust. And you also can't push them with your hands from time to time because you may leave some fingerprints on the lenses.
  • bell


    You may need to avoid the environment which has lots of dusts. If they collect dust, it will scratch the lenses so you'd better be very careful when you want to remove them. You'd better not use clothing or paper towels or tissues to clean your lenses. I suggest you to rinse your glasses with cold water and then spray some solutions on the lenses, then you can wipe out water with a piece of clean cloth gently. Hope this helped!
  • Rebecca


    Almost everyone gets an anti-reflection coating on their lenses these days. It eliminates reflections and the higher quality anti-reflection coatings also provide scratch resistance. It allows more light to get through your lenses to your eyes. Anti-reflection is ideal for anyone who wants to see well, especially at night. It is also ideal for those who work with the public in any way. A good quality anti-reflection coating is scratch resistant, smudge resistant, dust resistant, and does not peel or wear off.
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