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Which kind of eyewear fits your hair color?

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  • Daniel christian


    I have brown hair. They are just the cool undertones. I often choose glasses that are blue, pink, black or dark tortoise. I don't like yellow glasses. They make me look nerdy. I also don't like red glasses. I don't know why. I just don't like red. My cousin has brown hair too. But they are with warm undertones. She said that light tortoise, mahogany, bourbon, creamy off-whites, warm greens, or red are all go well with her hair color. Why does she have so many choices? I don't know. Maybe she is right, maybe she tells a lie. But all of these are just suggestions. If you don't like, you can choose whatever you like as long as they make you feel happy. It doesn't matter.
  • Connor nelson


    I have black hair. I often choose the glasses of black, sea, cranberry or dark tortoise color. I think black hair looks great with the frames of these colors. It is said that black hair provides a strong counterpoint to saturated brights such as cranberry and sea. I placed an order of a pair of sea glasses last month. I haven't got them yet. But I think they are very beautiful and will fit my hair color. Hope this can be useful to you.
  • garcia


    I am not a young lady anymore. I have some grey hair and a lot of white hair. I often choose a pair of glasses of cherry red color. But I think all the clean and bright colors go well with grey or white hair. The color such as navy, cherry red, onyx or cadet are very good choices for me. But I have to remind you that you'd better avoid choosing brown and yellow frames because they may have a dulling effect. Good luck!
  • Gabriel peters


    My sister has red color. She colored her hair in last week. And she bought a pair of rich tortoise sunglasses yesterday. I think they look quite good on her. Plus, she is such a beauty. So I think everything looks great on her, while I have a plain looking. But my mum always told me that I was as pretty as my sister every time I was complaining about that. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that fern or warm neutrals like cream or black color also go well with red color. You can have a try. Mmm...maybe forest color can match red color too. But I just heard that a few days ago. I haven't seen someone wear that kind of glasses. Hope this helped!
  • cnpriest


    I have blond hair and big blue eyes. Now I am in China. Many people will tell me that I am so beautiful the first time I was talking to them. I think Chinese people are very kind and easy going. I have three pairs of glasses. They are coral, green and light tortoise. My hairdresser suggested me to buy these kinds of colored glasses. She told me that green, red, coral, light tortoise would go well with my hair color. So I bought theses glasses. But I didn't buy that pair of red glasses because I thought red and green belong to the same shade. Both of them are very bright and outstanding, so I give up the red pair though they also look good on me.
  • Ethan edward


    They haven't mentioned blond hair with cool undertones. I have that kind of hair color. I think the beautiful lady above must have blond hair with warm undertones. I get that from the color of glasses that she chooses. But if you have hair color as I have, I suggest you to buy blue, black, pink or dark tortoise glasses. And you should avoid choosing gold or yellow glasses. But the most important thing is to decide which kind of color you have. Some people just don't know what kind of color they have because sometimes they color their hair wiht mixed color or strange color. The cool or warm undertone? This can have a great difference in choosing the color of your glasses. Hope this helped!
  • Victor Lee


    I think that if the color of your glasses is the same as your hair, it would look very doll. Getting a pair of glasses that has different color will light up your face. You can use Firmoo's Virtue Try-on System to find glasses that fit you. Here is the link:

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