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Are hooded eyes ugly?

What's your opinion on hooded eyes? Do you think it is ugly?
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Answers (4)

  • Alia Bhatt


    To be honest I think they are ugly
  • Mariah


    Well, generally speaking, it is normal for many people to have hooded eyes. There is no need to worry about it. Some people will not do anything to heal it. And in common, as we get older, the muscles of the forehead lose their tone. And then this leads to a drooping of the eyebrows. In this case, it makes the eye seem 'hooded' and we say the hooded eyes. And to treat it, many people have to take the surgery, which is considered as safe one. But on the other hand, in my opinion, you do not need to worry about it, it can just be normal.
  • Angelica


    To be honest, which I prefer is the hooded eyes, the reason of that is just because people always like the things what they missing. Am I right? You know the single organ in your face is not important but the matching of all the organs in your face is important; only harmonious things are good looking at all! Do you think it is made by God's sake? Be confidence to yourself, you will be reward when you love yourself. Different feature form our colorful world and we could accept various kinds of beauty, the hooded eyes are one of them, trust me!
  • Sue Livingston


    Ok, I can see that you are not satisfied with the eyes you have because they are hooded, deep set, and could greatly affect your looks. So, it is true that for most people, they believe those hooded eyes are not beautiful. But it is a fact of life which you cannot change in a natural way. I recommend that if you really want to ger rid of them, you might as well consult a surgeon and take some plastic surgery if necessary, though there might be some side effects.