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Julio G.


Why do i sweat under my eyes when i eat cheese

When i eat cheese, there is sweat under my eyes. Why? I just can't understand. Does cheese make my eyes sweat?
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  • cthier


    Don't worry. It is a normal reaction. Usually, cheeses contain Tyramine. And Tyramine can acts as a neurotransmitter, releasing adrenaline therefore causing sweating. So, you got sweat when you eat cheese. Some people called it as "cheese effect" or Tyramine Hypertensive Response.
  • Fari Tackaberry


    Your situation is so complicated that the cheese doesn't belong to the spicy food. You may go to the hospital and ask the doctor this problem. You could also do a full examination on the eyes in the hospital. During this time, you should have a good rest for the eyes.
  • Paige


    Because cheese contains tyramine. Tyramine has the same effect on the nervous system as adrenaline. When people can't break down tyramine, their blood pressure will rise and their heart rate will increase as well. As a result, our eyes begin to tear. When this happens, you can eat some probiotics and experiment with a lactase enzyme. If you don't stop sweating, you can take an antihistamine.

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