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Can a high fever cause watery eyes?

Will a fever cause watery eyes? I just feel i can't control the tears in my eyes.
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  • Allison walker


    Yes, a fever can cause water eyes. The reason why watery eyes appear is because the blocked tear ducts or excessive production of tears. On one hand, when your tear ducts are narrowed or blocked tears, it will not be able to drain away tears and as a result it build up the tear sac. When this tear sac appears, the risk of getting infection is increasing. The eyes will automatically produce a stick liquid and get the problem worse. This infection may cause nose inflammation as well. On the other hand, when your eyes are irritated, they will produce more tears than it used to do. When this happens, our body will tend to get rid of this irritant. So our eyes produce more tears. There are association between eye irritation and fever, so when you have a fever, your eyes will irritated at the same time. Then watery eyes appear.
  • Gabriel leonard


    Yes, the fever may cause the watery eyes. When you have the fever, your immune system will decrease. What's worse, the eye nerves will work at weak situation. Your eyes are so allergic that may get inflammation because of the dust or sands. You'd better treat your fever at first place.
  • Marissa edward


    I am not sure if your fever is caused by watery eyes. Patient with fever have the most obvious symptom of a higher-than normal body temperature. For people with a serve fever, it is possible may cause burning eyes, red eyes, thus possible to causes watery eyes. But there are also other reasons that can cause tears in eyes such as infection, allergies etc. So, you'd better see a doctor to help you recover from the fever and watery eyes.

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