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James green


Does dry eye cause macular degeneration?

It is said that dry eyes can result in macular degeneration, is that true? It really sounds terrible.
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  • b3a2b3y


    There are many reasons that cause macular degeneration, such as deep myopia, diebetes mellitus,trauma, angiopathy and so on, and macular degeneration can be most often seen on aged people. Dry eyes is one of the symptoms of macular degeneration which, yes, can also caused by dry eyes. Dry eyes can be caused by continous use of eyes without good rest of eyes, malnutrition of the eyes, and metabolic disturbance of the eyes and so on and so forth. The overmuch of free radicals in the eyes can not be cleared away and lead to the clogging of blood circulation, leading to malnutrition of the healthy eye cells state of tension of the eyes in a long period, and unbalance of metabolism and nutrition mechanism, thus getting dry eyes, macular degeneration and some other eye diseases. Therefore, people should allow their eyes to have adequate rest and absorb enough nutrition such as vitamins. Do not drink too much and never smoke.
  • Kyle owen


    Yes, serious dryness of the eyes may lead to macular degeneration. When you are dry at he eyes which will cause the redness, your eyes nerves will be damaged to some degree. That is the main reason for you to get the macular degeneration. You should eat more food with vitamin C every day to make your eyes keep moisture. At the same time, you should not use the computer for a long time every day.
  • Matthew


    No, it is more like a rumor. Dry eyes are due to the lack of tears and this disease occurs in the cornea. It is outside of the eyes. While macular degeneration happens in the retina which is under the crystaline lens. Dry eyes have little to do with macular degeneration. The causes of macular degeneration include age, iris color, light pigmentation, smoking, obesity, sleep anea, heredity and heavy prescription myopia.