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What Can You Take to Make Your Eye Stop Twitching ?

I have twitching eyes. I don't believe that the left eye twitches will bring me bad luck. My eye twitches for almost 2 months. It is so upsetting. Can I take vitamin pills to make my eyes stop twitching? Any good ideas?
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  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    I think vitamin pills can only help a little with your twitching eyes, but vitamin is good for our eyes. You can take vitamin pills daily. I think before we apply methods to treat with our twitching eyes, we must know the causes of twitching eyes. If it was caused by stress which can be the top reason for twitching eyes, we should find a way to relieve our stress. Then the twitching eye problem can be solved. And twitching eyes can be caused by alcohol or caffeine intakes. If you drink too much alcohol or caffeine, you should reduce the amount of them. And you also need to have good sleep during the night.
  • explosion_x3


    Dear friend, dry eye and eye strain can cause twitching eyes. You can apply some artificial tears to relieve your dry eyes. Twitching eyes can be a sign of tiredness of our eyes or our body. We must find some ways to relax our eyes or our body. And sometimes the allergies may lead to twitching eyes. But as to you, I think you may not suffer from allergies for your symptoms persist for two months. I suggest you to go to bed earlier in the night and do some eye exercise when you use your eyes for a long time. Meantime, choose some entertainments to relax yourself and keep a happy mood in every day. Hope this helped.